Dads Are for Making Pancakes!

For kids, there’s not much more fun in this world than waking up to some delicious weekend pancakes in the shape of “Micky Mouse” ears.

No matter how perfect the shape, (or not), and with very little effort, dads can convince even the most skeptical little eater, that there is a “robot” or a “fairy princess” on their plate waiting to be devoured with tasty syrup and slabs of butter. In some strange fashion, the character seemed obvious once dad described it with “heartfelt” details.

But here is the thing folks, pancakes are just the front for the real nutrition–giving information! This is where the dad thinks he is going to give it his all. He has saved up for just the right time to provide those much-needed life lessons and anecdotes to keep the kids on track.

For the most captive audience, he fills their bellies and feeds their souls with yummy food and quips to get them through the day, and eventually, life.

The communication is in the batter. All the wisdom one can imagine is right there in the pancake mix. The more detail in the form the more anecdotes are doled out. Quality pancakes require a reasonable  amount of effort if they are going to be served with a certain amount of advice.

There is no getting past this most important gender role. Fathers have an uncanny ability to do the things the wife or mother doesn’t do, or dare I say, want to do.  Dads pack the car for vacations but unpack the groceries from the car. They take the kids fishing and practice the team sports. Dads cut the grass and change the oil in the car, and without a sound, while the wife shops, they sit and hold the pocketbook!

It’s just the way it is. That’s what dads do–they make pancakes!

**Picture note: Dedicated to Eugene Edward Malloy, a Navy Veteran and Sailor…Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for always making breakfast!



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