Does Your Writing Allow you to be a Risk Taker?

You sit down every day and with each key stroke, you pour your heart out.  But if you want to make a living out of it, you absolutely must take risks. If you do push the envelope, will you run the risk of losing your steady employment? The old expression, “Don’t quit your day job” plays over and over again.

There are bills to pay and plenty of responsibilities. With a career in writing are you wise to take a risk if you already have other steady income? Especially if your income is directly related to  some of your printed opinions?

Try to hide under another name and you will soon be found out. People always want to know what “they don’t know.”

Hmm…let’s see…keep writing and get canned? Or write about boring, useless topics that don’t have a conflict of interest? Or how about stop penning altogether and keep the day job?

Definitely something to drink about…”think”…I meant “think” about.

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