3 Easy Steps for Special Education Students to Get Ready for College

Here are some ways to help your student get ready for college. Take these steps now to make living away from home a smoother transition.

1) Take advantage of the college tour.

* Meet with the department of disability before signing the acceptance letter.

* Get a feel for the special education environment. Use this department to your advantage. They will help guide you. If it doesn’t “feel” right it won’t be right.

2) Large or small college? This will make a difference in the special education department.

* Smaller colleges will give your special education student more personal attention; first name basis.

* Larger colleges will ask your special education student to make an appointment.

3) Managing finances and personal business is a must.

* Can your student pay his or her bills? Does he or she take the initiative to be proactive with personal business? Can he or she balance a checking account or own a debit/credit card?

* Can your student advocate for him or herself and understand the ramifications of the choices?


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