Public or Private School for Special Education?

Spring is here, almost, and that means “school shopping” but not for backpacks, crayons or the coolest notebook. Now parents are shopping for next years’ school. Application deadlines loom and for many parents, school choice is an important decision.

During this time of year, many schools plan open houses and tours. I would advise parents to take advantage of these opportunities to learn the pros and cons of any school which might be a good fit.

One article I wrote was published in Carolina Parent Magazine, Public or Private? Weigh the Options for Special Education Students. It explains the differences and how they might pertain to an exceptional child.

One idea many parents have is that their exceptional child might do better in a private school. While private schools do offer a smaller teacher to student ratio, sometimes, they are not the best choice. Parents should also realize that not all private schools are equal. This also applies to public schools because many times, they are not the best choice for some students either.

Anyone thinking about school choice might find my article informative as it shows some of the differences between public and private schools.

Parents are encouraged to visit and meet with administrators of both types of schools to find the best fit for their child.


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