3 Reasons For-Not- Joining the Parent Teacher Association (“PTA”) at Your Child’s School

PTA, PTSA, or PTSO;  the acronym may vary but the underlying premise is the same. The Parent Teacher Association, The Parent Teacher Student Association or Organization; parents and students working together to support their school.

Throughout the school year, parents are often asked to send in cash donations, food items for appreciation days, commit to a block of time to volunteer at the school or serve concessions at the latest sporting event.

For this reason, many parents, and dare I say, especially women, like to complain about the group. Some might say the PTA is an unfriendly “clique” to which only the most beautiful and unemployed soccer moms are invited.

While that might be the stereotype, it is not the norm. Having had three children in various schools, I have had the opportunity to meet a few wonderful friends, and a few not so wonderful “biatches.”  The latter, usually not very well liked, tend to be short lived. Parents wanting to help out at their kids’ school should not be scared off by a few women who really are nothing more than a “soccer mom wannabe.”

Although, there are plenty of reasons to volunteer for the PTA or PTSO, here are some very good excuses why a person should not join–or at least this is what has been overheard at some very public school functions.

1. You’re a loner

If making friends is not on your 2016 bucket list, then by all means stay away. Plenty of men and women who volunteer their time at their kids’ school, sometimes only once, end up making friends with someone with which he or she has a common interest. Everyone is welcome.

2. You don’t know how to get involved or what to do

If your personal mantra goes something like this, “I never know what is going on at the school,”  then whatever you do, don’t click on the school’s website. Upcoming events with a list of board members, their contact info and meeting dates will most likely be posted. Parents will usually find current events and valuable tools for locating information and resources such as fundraisers, recitals, or curriculum fairs.

3. You will not have anything to complain about

If you do not volunteer your time and get involved in any of the decision making processes, or attend the meetings, then you simply cannot complain. While some volunteers are more dedicated than others, they are still just that–volunteers– and they are working to support their child’s school. Getting involved allows parent’s the right to take part in various school-wide decisions and therefore, the complaining is left to a minimum. If you are not going to get involved, then don’t complain. That simple.

It is in your hands

You can participate as little or as much as you want. If you love your kids’ school then volunteer. If you hate your kids schools, all the more reason to get in there and take control.  Only you can make a difference.

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