Teaching with Technology: Is This The Way Of The Future For Our Students?

Is this our kids future? Will teacher’s soon be obsolete?

Who will teach life skills and organization?

Who will teach students to raise their hand and wait their turn?

Teaching with technology is wonderful; it’s everywhere. I am more concerned about the common use of technology in the classrooms. Students are being given IPads to read passages and answer comprehension questions.  Student projects have gone from book reports and cardboard projects to online power points and “Prezi” projects. Kindergartners’ have “computer time” and lessons on technology. Are they still having recess?

With thirty or more students in one classroom and using various forms of technology,  how can we be sure our children will not be overlooked? We want our children to be safe and nurtured while at school. Who will prepare our children for their next grade level?

I wonder when our classrooms will turn to “technology only” electives for Language Arts and Math. Online programs are wonderful for children to learn, but who will teach the poems of Robert Frost or the value of Shakespeare? How about understanding the learning process through the mind of Helen Keller? Math on a computer might work for some students, but many students need direct instruction for the optimum learning experience.

It seems to me the future trend is to slowly remove teachers from as many classrooms as possible.  Students should certainly take advantage of the technological opportunities that exist.I just wonder if all this technology at school, in addition to the online opportunities at home, does more harm than good.

Nevertheless, there are many students who learn differently and might absolutely benefit from any form of educational technology. Assistive technology in the form of reading programs and math games do entice students to learn but we shouldn’t discount the direct instruction from the teacher.

Let’ s face it… giving a student an IPad to read during class…is that really teaching anyway?

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