SAT (Test) Accommodations

If your special education student is planning on going to college, he or she will need to take the Standardized Achievement Test (SAT). These tests are administered at the high school level, usually during the 11th and 12th  grade. Some students take it earlier and often improving the score each time.

With special education students though, improving their score is imperative. That is why the accommodations are so important. Students do get accommodations when they take the SAT, but there is a catch.

Usually, whatever the accommodations are in high school on the IEP, the student will receive on the SAT. If not, making a few phone calls to the Office of Civil Rights should help.

Parents or students will need to ask for the accommodations at the high school level. These supports should be requested at least 30 days in advance. Accommodations for the SAT can involve some serious red tape, so start the application process about month ahead of the testing date. Keep a copy of the form so you have proof on testing day.

Did  you know, that SAT/College Board will approve a “read-aloud” test if your student has “read-aloud” in school? You will  need to ask for this as well. There is no extra cost for this.

Also, confirm with the SAT/College Board that the accommodations are in place. Do this about one week before. Make sure they have communicated all the supports to the test administrator’ these accommodations should be noted on your students’ entrance ticket.

The SAT is not always the only tool your student will need  get into college. But let your teen know that he or she should do their best. The college or university will insist on these scores but it is not a pre-cursor to being admitted.

The SAT study materials and test booklet are also a very good use of time. It is worth the extra money to be able to practice online or even in the book before the test.

Parents of exceptional children should take advantage of all the options and advantages for their children. After it is over, it will be one less thing to think about.

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