Why Mom Bloggers Are Not Normal

This was not my ideal post for this week. No, on the contrary, I had something wild and crazy planned about how”Thanksgiving” is really just about the food and conflict. Most people go through the aggravation of traveling across the country at the busiest time of year only to get to their destination and find they should have stayed home in the first place. They eat too much, sit around on someone’s couch where feet and shoes must be kept on the floor or spend too much money on a movie they really didn’t want to see in the first place. If they get lucky, they’ll all stand around in the kitchen gossiping and “name dropping” about their children, grandchildren, or worse, telling “war stories” about the children of the one person who was in fact, smart enough to stay home, all while experiencing some tasty libations; but that last cocktail part is at least worth it.

No, I thought it more entertaining to list the reasons many teenagers think that “blog moms” are the only ones who “worry” about what their kidlet is doing. Since this is a new learning experience for me, I thought I would share with other mom bloggers and anyone else who understands the need for clarification.

  1. “Any mom that blogs is ‘authoritative’.” Websters, 4th ed., definition states these moms would be “reliable” and a “competent authority.”
  2. “Blog moms are crazy.” This might be because we would be the only ones to actually admit our challenges in public instead of hiding behind our ego.
  3. “Mom bloggers are in everyone’s business.” That might be true for some, but I suspect the only business a blog mom is into is their teenager’s because there might be some sort of history to go along with it.
  4. “Moms who are not writers do not care what their kids do.”  I guess that makes everyone else deadbeats, losers and rogue parents for not caring about their kids–unless they blog about something. If not, they should get a life!
  5. “Blogging moms are really just a secret cult whose only mission is to irritate their teenager.” This is true because our children’s antics are so over the top there is nothing else we can do but play with our voodoo dolls.

So,  there you have it folks. Teenage doublespeak accuses mom bloggers of being reliable, truthful, knowledgeable, caring, and mysterious. We’re a real mess!



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