Why Teenagers Are Like a Bell in the Wind

We never know what we are going to get.

Sometimes, they are quiet and motionless only to enjoy the sweet melodies of their youth. Then other times, they are singing the joys of their new found independence.

With all due respect to our young adults, our teenagers really have no concept of reality. They truly are like a bell in the wind; taking one day at a time and flying free. It’s the “whatever happens will happen” kind of thing.

We can beat our heads up against the wall and there is no connection unless our kidlet’s want to connect. They don’t hear us because they are too busy making their own noise; their plans for their future.

I forgot how wonderful the opportunity for these folks, who take one day at a time,to have no responsibilities or worries. Only they know which way the wind will blow them. For our fledglings, this is such as exciting time.

I must admit that too often than not, I get frustrated with the noises of the perfect parents who claim it is our responsibility to help these young adults. At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I agree,unfortunately, we are not always at our best. We create these young personalities. Yes, it’s true–our influences send either positive or negative attitudes to our youth.

Like the distant sound of the “Soleri Bell”, our  voices are not heard, only the song of their dreams. Parents’ words are just a faint reminder to our young “bells” that there is something else out there–just waiting in the wind.

Soleri Bells


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