The Ultimate Birthday Letter Cheat Sheet to a 16 Year-Old Girl

Right now, as of today, I am just 16, but if I were older, and I was going to write someone a letter on her 16th birthday, I might ask something like, “Where are you going, not now this minute, but later, where are you going in life”?

From this picture, I might want to ask, “If it is only about the journey and not the destination, then which tickets do you plan to purchase for your ride”? More importantly, I might ask, “What do you plan to learn on your trip”?

With each day a daily adventure, I might want to know, “As you pack your ‘life’ bags, what do you plan to take”? Are you taking life’s lessons, or are you taking it one day at a time”?

That’s what I might say one day when I realize my daughter has suddenly grown up and has turned 16.  Then, I would say, “Happy Birthday, baby girl. Please, be careful”!

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