When Other Mother’s Stink

We’ve got to have an honest discussion here about what a mothers’ role is; to nurture, protect, guide and love their children. Seems easy enough and I can come up with a few examples why these are the most important traits a mother should possess.

But, NOT. SO. FAST! There are additional traits that some lovely women seem to be born with, or at least have developed over the years.

Oh please, you know the type; the stay-at-home mother that prepares a solid nutritious breakfast and packs her kidlets’ lunch, with the crust cut off the sandwiches, everyday single day, AND somehow manages her household and run a small business out of her home. I still haven’t figured out if half of these claims are legit or not.

Of course, we have all seen her at grocery store with her shopping list written on crisp, clean, scrapbook stationary in perfect superscript handwriting.

Or how about the mom that shows up at school with hand-made, individually decorated, and neatly wrapped birthday treats for all 25 other students in the class.

Then, somehow she manages to build a float for the weekend parade; AND…all this is happens before lunch!

I mean come on, how dare she pull into the local craft store and take-up two spots in her big SUV. (I can say that because before I sold my own SUV, I was a “pig-parker” myself.) We know what she is up to; probably buying some more scrap-book paper for her latest neighborhood origami craft party.

It’s infuriating to see all her accomplishments on social media too. Who else has a “Pinterest” board, and for the love of Pete, where to they find the time?

I’m not a psychologist and don’t pretend to be,  but I would say these posting may have given some women very poor self-esteem issues.

Me included; this type of nonsense has gone on for years. All I ever did was try to keep up with these domestic goddesses until I realized what a façade their life might be. What miserable experiences must these women be hiding?

Put a fork in me, I’m done! Other mother’s stink. There, I’ve said it!

No matter what we do or how wonderful we think we are, there will always be that one woman, that “name-dropper,” who will outdo us every chance she gets. It is emotionally exhausting to say the least.

Keep in mind that our competitive side will start to show. There is that really interesting part of us; the part that smiles at all the wonderful tasks she has completed, but when the coast is clear, we find ourselves spitting out some very colorful words under our breath.

The ugliness from other women tends to get, well, a bit “ugly.” If this weren’t funny this would be funny.

These “other mother’s” really have no idea what they are doing to the rest of us. They’re giving people like me a bad name.  They can play with their children however they like, but must we be part of it every single day? Their postings are nothing more than “click-bait” for me. Social media is something I really just love to hate anyway.

Raising children is difficult enough. Many of us are extremely organized and can roll out of bed early and ready to do wonders with our time. I promise you, we have plans and schedules too!

If I bake cookies twice a year, I am treated like gold in my house. But any more than that most likely will not happen.

I feel confident I speak for the many moms who just want to raise their children to be honest, caring, and trust worthy adults. We don’t need all the fanfare and “showy” stuff to feel good about who we are and what we are doing. Our kids, hopefully, will love us either way. (Hmmm, I might need to bake more cookies.)

Will I make sure my kids are fed? Sure, and I am fine with saying they all love cereal for dinner. Will I make sure they have nice clothes and a roof over their heads? Of course, unless they choose to go naked and sleep outside.

I am delighted and full of pride that I am raising some true “independents” over here. If they are hungry, cold, or wet, they will handle it–and if they do–I might just bake them a cake.







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