Holiday Breaks Stay The Same For Special Families

We love our children, all of our children. We love them in different ways, but the feelings about how we raise each of them will vary. Each individual has their own “game-plan.”

Raising a child who has a disability requires hands on all the time–even on Christmas and holiday breaks. Unfortunately, holiday plans don’t get any easier. Sometimes, public transportation is avoided as well as are crowded stores and even church.

Things are the same, the only difference is that these special children are home 24 hours a day. There is no school drop-off for eight hours of respite.

The shopping frenzy must continue as well as meal preparation. Parents manage because it is the only way to ensure a happy day; parents surrender for the sake of peace–and overwhelming exhaustion.

One would hope that on this one day of the year, life would be different and there would be no emotional, physical,or cognitive challenges in which these precious babies must learn to cope. Our children are blessed with so many wonderful qualities. Many times we take for granted just how innocent and perfect they are.

We love spending time with our children everyday. We welcome the love they have to give and enjoy their excitement on Christmas morning. Our children are our Christmas miracle and we are thankful for the opportunity God gave us to raise them.



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