Children often act differently in public. We know this because we bring plenty of “bribes” with us when we wander out of our familiar home surroundings. Of course we would never even think to stoop so low as to bring snacks and juice with us in the event of an […]

Why Teenager’s With a Disability Act Differently In Public

Neurofibromatosis, is a genetic disorder in which benign tumors grow within the nervous system. These tumors could be anywhere in the body, including the brain, and spine but not limited to the feet–ouch! This is a rare, (but not really), disease. Neurofibromatosis may actually only seem “rare” because not many people are […]

May 17 is World Neurofibromatosis Day

This week marks the annual “gift fest” for teachers throughout the country. Now, if that sentence sounds a bit cynical, it is not meant to be. On the contrary; I love teachers and everything they have to offer. What I don’t love, is that parents and the Parent Teacher Student […]

3 Common Misconceptions About Teacher Appreciation Week

You sit down every day and with each key stroke, you pour your heart out.  But if you want to make a living out of it, you absolutely must take risks. If you do push the envelope, will you run the risk of losing your steady employment? The old expression, […]

Does Your Writing Allow you to be a Risk Taker?

It simply doesn’t matter. Your teenager’s, and unfortunately, your pre-teenager’s and children will find a way to bypass your parental controls. They will find a way to communicate with their friends and you will simply die trying to stop them. Experts say, “Monitor your kids online activity.” Well, I for […]

5 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Check Your ...

Here are some items to help your student get ready for college. Take these steps now to make living away from home a smoother transition. 1) Take advantage of the college tour * Meet with the Disability Department before signing the acceptance letter. * Get a feel for the special […]

3 Easy Steps for Special Education Students to Get Ready ...